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Get finest Ayurvedic Stroke Treatment in Alleppey

Living in tune with nature is the mantra of the century. Ayurveda an  ancient medical discipline propagated by India from the time immemorial. They use herbs and naturally obtained materials for treatment.
Arthritis is characterized by a group of disorders that cause damage to the body joints. According to Ayurveda prevalence of Vata is the cause of body pain. Agastya Ayurvedic Medical Center
offers best ayurvedic Arthritis treatment in Alleppey, India.

Ayurvedic treatment for arthritis is prescribed according to its type. For Amavata (Rheumatoid arthritis) internal medicine , Kizhi or medical wraps are given to lessen fever, swelling and pain. For sandhivata / osteoarthritis treatments like oil massage, kizhi, oil bath to local part (sneha dhara) and Njavara kizhi. After determining the toxin level in the body , Panchakarma therapy will be done to remove toxins from the body.

Types of Arthritis

Till date over 100 types of arthritis is identified among that a few is commonly seen they are as follows-

-Rheumatoid arthritis
-Psoriatic arthritis
-Septic arthritis

Symptoms of Arthritis

- Prolonged weakness
- sleep apnea
- Stiffness in the body joints
- Pain in the body parts
- loss of weight
-Restricted body movements

If you have any of the symptoms given above , Know more about arthritis and take an expert opinion...

Causes of Arthritis
- Injury
-Autoimmune disorders
- Inheritance
- Hyperactive immune system
-Body dislocations

Why Ayurvedic treatment?

Ayurveda enables us being natural. It use naturally procured raw materials for producing medicines. Its main advantages are follows

-Completely natural sans side effects
-heal root cause of disease
-consider the age, previous medications taken, lifestyle, eating habits while prescribing medicine
-Cure along with detoxifying body
-Treatment in harmony with nature

About Agastya Ayurvdic Medical Center

Agastya Ayurvedic Medical Center is situated in Allepy, famous as Venice of the East. Started in the year 1998 the hospital has another branch in Kochi too. They provides finest ayurvedic treatments in Vertebral Column Condition, Herniated Disc, Knee Pain, Hemiplegia, Stroke, Tennis Elbow, Disc Bulge, Spondylitis, Cerebral Palsy and Paralysis.

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